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Market Crash SPX SP500

The economic crisis of 2008 and 2022 – crash ahead?

The economic crisis of 2008 shooked the market economy and robbed …

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The black swan – CRASH ahead?

As is well known, we are in completely destabilized markets. The …

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Adobe as world market leader to have cheap!

While the gross margin in Digital Media is already 97%, the margins …

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Bitcoin in the decision zone! Are we bullish again?

We're looking at an extremely interesting zone at BTCUSD today. History …

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Gazprom bullish trend

Gazprom keeps tightening – bullish signal?

GAZPROM announces further reductions in gas deliveries to Germany. Judging by …

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Nordstream 1 und Zinserhöhung

The two “big news” of the week – interest rate and gas supply

Gas deliveries via the NordStream Upcoming rate hikes and their impact …

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The bear market goes into the 3rd round!

The ECB is now pushing through another rate hike of 25 …

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The DAX with a turnaround at the end of the week!

We almost went into the record books with our German index. …

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